Implementing a Social Media Strategy

What are the important factors of a successful social media strategy?

Define your business goals

The first step in creating a social media strategy for your  business is to define your goals and objectives. What do you want to achieve through developing your social media profiles? How can social media help you to achieve these goals?

Social media is a versatile tool which can be used for the following:

• Increases and builds the awareness of your brand

• Communicate with your customers in real time

• For special offers and promotions

• To increase the traffic to your website which can help increase sales.

• To promote a new product or service.


Developing your social media strategy

For us to do our job, we have to understand your job! To ensure we fully understand your business and the market which you operate in, we will ask you several targeted questions which are devised to help us understand the culture of your business so we can best represent you.


Define Your Target Audience

Going hand in hand with establishing your social media goals is defining your target audience. Companies have traditionally relied on market research to figure out where to most effectively put their radio, print and television advertising dollars. Today, small businesses can look to research organizations that provide information on how consumers use social media. Knowing how your existing and potential customers use social media is an important part of developing an effective social media strategy.