Pay Per Click



PPC or Pay-Per-Click campaigns facilitates consumers who are curious or who are ready-to-buy. PPC campaigns are targeted at your market segment and are considered as one of the best ways of converting potential customers into real paying customers. Social Media Wheels will manage your campaign from start to finish and will get your name in front of thousands of potential customers.


What are the Benefits of PPC for me?

PPC campaigns places your products or services in front of an already qualified lead at the exact moment the potential customer is searching for similar products or services. A PPC campaign is hugely beneficial to any business as your advert will appear next to a relevant search query. You only pay for what is clicked, so costs are very controllable.


With a PPC campaign you can:

– Actively target your market segment and not waste money advertising in print and risk your advert not being seen by the right group at all.
– Actively analyse and measure the ROI.
– Have more control over how much you spend, when you spend it and where you spend it.
– An excellent way to measure the level of consumer interest.


Still Not Convinced?

One third of all Google searches are for local businesses and potential customers who are ready to purchase and who are twice as likely to click on a CPC advert.