Social Media Management

Having an effective social media presence is becoming ever more important in today's business world. Our services include setting up and maintaining your social media accounts. We also offer training and social media consultation.

Social Media Management

A modern day revolution has been started by social media which has changed how your customers communicate, share, connect, learn and voice their opinions. Consumers don’t go to websites anymore to see if they can trust you. They turn to social media.
By engaging Social Media Wheels to manage your social media presence, we will actively listen, interact, engage and collaborate with your customers allowing you to focus on what your business does best.


How can Social Media Help Me?

The market place has changed dramatically over the past number of years due to a digital revolution and the emergence of a “social economy” and increased social media management.  That is, how consumers are driven to purchase, or not. This has created a new currency consisting of Facebook Likes and Comments, website views as well as Twitter Follows and Tweets.


What Has This Got To Do With My Company?

Very simply, if you do not have strategic social media management, you are in the minority and you could be losing out on potential sales.

Still not convinced about the benefits of social media management? Figures don’t lie! The statistics below detail how Irish consumers use social media on a monthly basis:

– 51% of Irish consumers are on Facebook.
– The majority of consumers log onto FB to look for offers and promotions, as well as advice on products and services listed.
– Users on Facebook between the ages of 45 and 64 are growing more rapidly than any other group.
– On a monthly basis, Irish people comment over 81million times, Like 133million items, check-in 471,000 times, send 77million messages, search 9million times and have an average of 268 friends, with Monday and Tuesday being the most social days.
– 600,000 users send 1million Tweets, daily.
– Ireland is one of the top 10 most social countries, in the world!


How Can Social Media Wheels Help Me?

We seek out your audience, communicate, engage, interact and most importantly listen to what your customer is saying about you. Your brand is what people say about you when you are not there. We will ensure that we are there and offer full reputation management should the need arise.
Setting up a social media platform which is active and engaging for your customers takes time. A lot of time. It is not simply a matter of setting up a profile page and leaving it at that.

By engaging Social Media Wheels to create and manage your social media presence, we can help you streamline your incoming and outbound messages in a more efficient manner. After an analysis of your business and brand and how you would like to be portrayed in the marketplace, our social media team will develop a strategy which will engage your customers in a non-invasive way. This will help you create an online community of consumers who love your products or services, spread the awareness of your brand, increase targeted traffic to your website and ultimately, to encourage sales.


We Also Offer Social Media Training & Consulting

Do you have a social media presence but feel like something is lacking? We can help you by providing social media training from a basic level up to an advanced level for business.
Whether you feel you know a little or a lot, we also offer social media consulting on best practices and strategy techniques when it comes to managing your business Facebook and Twitter accounts.